Each of us keep about 13 secrets, study says


We may be good at keeping secrets as a new study has claimed that an average person keeps about 13 secrets at a time.

The study by researchers from Columbia University add that out of the thirteen secrets, we have five such secrets that we have never told a living soul. The study is based on analysis of over 13,000 secrets from over 10 different studies to determine 38 most common categories of secrets. Scientists then asked study participants if they were keeping a secret from any of the categories ranging from infidelity to financial secrets.

Researchers found that on an average we keep 13 secrets, of which five they had never shared with anyone at all. The most common secrets that people shared with no one else included illicit romantic desire, sexual behavior and lies.

Researchers also found that keeping a secret is primarily a solitary experience, and when people think about their secrets, they act as if they were burdened by physical weight.

“We actually don’t encounter many situations where we have to hide our secrets relative to all the times a secret will just come into our thoughts, and intrude upon our thinking,” said Michael Slepian, a professor at Columbia Business School.

In previous research, scientists found that when people were preoccupied by their secrets, they judged hills to be steeper and distances to be longer and thought physical tasks would take more effort.

The study and its findings are published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.


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