Private Companies Bring Hurricane Relief After a Devastating Season


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The 2017 hurricane season has had a significant impact on the southeastern United States, including the Yellowhammer State. Hurricanes Nate and Irma damaged buildings across coastal Alabama, and Harvey triggered a powerful tornado in Reform. Nevertheless, most Alabamians were lucky enough to avoid the worst effects of these storms.

More than 200,000 Floridians fled to Alabama after heavy rain and wind forced them to evacuate

Helping Others

Communities in Texas, Puerto Rico and Dominica suffered far more extensive damage. Individuals, businesses, and communities in Alabama have worked to assist the victims. For instance, the city of Birmingham called on locals to donate relief supplies. Community members have succeeded in filling at least 20 trailers with aid materials.

Numerous Birmingham residents brought gifts of spring water and canned food and brought them to Boutwell Auditorium. City officials shipped these items to Louisiana, Florida, Texas and various Caribbean islands. Maxwell Air Force Base also accepted donations at its Airman Family Readiness Center.

Meanwhile, a concert in Texas raised funds for hurricane relief. It featured the famous Fort Payne country band, Alabama. Former U.S. Presidents Obama, Carter, Bush and Clinton attended the College Station event. It benefited the residents of four American states and territories.

New Homes

Alabama’s manufacturers have worked hard to quickly assemble new buildings and other products for hurricane victims. For example, Green Structure Homes began to produce modular houses for the Federal Emergency Management Agency in October. Government officials awarded GSH a contract worth $28 million.

The Huntsville company plans to finish constructing these dwellings before the end of March 2018. GSH’s CEO has promised to maximize the value of relief spending while maintaining a high level of quality. Families affected will benefit from safe, sturdy buildings with modern features.

Several days after it signed the FEMA contract, GSH made another announcement. The firm revealed that it would hire additional workers in an effort to rapidly manufacture more homes. These employees perform construction tasks in Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Minnesota and Texas.

The top executive at Green Structure Homes noted that this hiring decision would benefit local economies in several parts of the nation. This new job creation enables the company to swiftly manufacture new dwellings and transport them to disaster zones in the Lone Star State.

History of GSH

During 2008, Stokes Development, LLC created a new firm known as Green Structure Homes. At the same time, it disclosed plans to establish a factory in Cullman. The company spent over $7 million on this sophisticated manufacturing plant. It initially provided employment for 80 people.

The Cullman Industrial Complex factory can produce around 550 modular homes in a year. This facility spans nearly 100,000 square feet. The county and local governments built this structure before selling it to GSH’s parent company. Lieutenant Governor James Folsom and Congressman Robert Aderholt praised the project.

Alabama’s Center for Foreign Investment helped provide funds for the new factory. Sixteen Korean and Chinese businesspeople invested in the facility. The center’s director described Stokes Development as an exemplary “corporate citizen.”

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Unique Products

Today, GSH offers a variety of homes built to its customer’s specifications. It can also manufacture larger buildings with multiple floors. They use state of the art technology to construct homes in an eco-friendly manner and help to reduce the damaging effects future hurricanes can bring.

Green Structure Homes has developed its own safety systems to protect occupants. The steel buildings resist wildfire damage and have the potential to withstand winds in excess of 120 mph. Its homes automatically suppress indoor fires as well, they earn exceptionally high scores from Underwriters Laboratories.

This company’s buildings have a comparatively small environmental impact. It has designed them in a way that reduces electricity and fuel consumption. They offer in-house project management, allowing residents to be well informed throughout the process of construction.

Evacuees stayed at motels, campgrounds, storm shelters and relatives’ homes.


Green Structure Homes has established quality control processes that maximize safety and dependability. Its employees perform diligent inspections as workers construct, deliver and install these buildings. In addition to residential housing, GSH provides an assortment of logistical services.

Diverse Clients

This company has served a wide range of customers. It produces and installs buildings for businesses, universities and multiple government agencies. For example, Mississippi State University purchased modular student dormitories from GSH. In addition to FEMA, the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force have awarded contracts to this firm.

Barbara and Scott Stokes serve as the top leaders of GSH.

Barbara Stokes attended Georgia’s Mercer University. She took classes in thermodynamics, manufacturing, physics, management, and engineering. Stokes worked at Boeing and Pisces before she became Green Structure Homes’ CEO. She frequently volunteers in Huntsville, and the Redstone Arsenal Army Volunteer Corps has praised her devoted efforts.

Scott Stokes was an aircraft pilot before he became involved in the modular housing industry. He flew multiple Hawker and Learjet planes across the Western Hemisphere. As a Certified Instructor, Stokes has taught budding pilots to fly jets as well. He currently serves as GSH’s Chief Operations Officer.

Learn more about Barbara Stokes on her new site

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